Portrait Information and Pricing

I love painting animals! Companion pets, spiritual totem guide or an imaginary friend --- I can provide you with a personalized, custom watercolor portrait.


First.....we set up to meet for up to a couple hours during the day, at your convenience. I come to you, so I can meet you and your animal companion in a comfortable, familiar setting for a photo session.


Second....when we meet, I introduce myself and my camera to your companion animal. You and I will talk about how you envision your animal and the portrait. I observe the interactions between you and your animal as I take lots of photos both candid and posed.


Third.....at my studio, I study the photos I have, print a few to work from and create a stunning painting of your companion animal that reflects their true personality.


Fourth.....when completed, I will ship or hand deliver the watercolor portrait to you!


I will photograph your animal companion in natural light in the environment they are familiar and comfortable. Their behavior and your interaction with them helps me develop a composition that makes them shine!


Portrait prices include a photo session with your animal if you live within 70 miles of my studio in Spencer, NY. (Additional travel costs apply over 70 miles @ $1/mile.)


I will also paint from your photos. At least 5 photos in natural, good light are needed so I can get a good sense of your animal companion. Photos can be digital or prints, sent email, snail mail or in person.


In the case of a pet I am unable to meet, in addition to the photos you provide, I want to listen to your stories of your companion. The stories give me a sense of personality and relationship to you. The more you share with me, the better I am able to connect to your companion to create an accurate portrait. 


Add up to $150.00 for each additional animal, or a scene with buildings, or tack. Additional pricing depends on how much additional detail is added. When you contact me to do a portrait, we will discuss options and details. Please include a phone number with your contact information and best time during the day to reach you.


Custom watercolor portraits are painted on 300pound Arches 100% cotton rag paper with professional quality paint, delivered to you un-framed.  I prefer that you choose your own custom mat and frame. I am available for custom framing consultation. A painting is usually completed within a month of ordering.


6"x8"          $300 discontinued

8"x11"         $600

11"x15"        $700

15"x22"      $1100

22"x30"    $2000


Add up to $20 for shipping and handling within USA.


Thanx for considering me as your pet portrait artist!

Happy tails!