A good start!

All the color and most values filled in..........

Values and color complete with details!


Recently, someone said to me " I am so glad I didn't go to art school!" and that statement asked me to think about the value and the limits of my experience attending art school.


The statement was a reaction to a comment and defense I was making about why, almost 20 years prior, I had expressed criticism and suggestion on that artist's drawing. I am a sometimes abrasive and arrogant critic. And for that I ask forgiveness. 


So, art school!


It was a magical 3 years of my life. I felt so gifted to be able to make art full time surrounded by other creatives from all over the world. I was an older student. I attended art school full time at age 27. I had finally saved enough money to attend the first year in one of my dream schools. (I had been accepted to a highly accredited art school when I graduated high school and was unable to attend for lack of funds. My family was poor.) So this was a dream come true for me! A dream I held since I could remember! I had always wanted to be a professional artist even though my mother had discouraged me from pursuing a career she viewed would only bring me poverty and misery. She wanted a better material life for me.


Those three years at art school, I met amazing and inspiring contemporary successful artists who to this day continue to inspire me. I was exposed to so many possibilities it was sometimes overwhelming and distracting. I gained practical skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, writing and speaking. 


The most rewarding skill I gained from art school was freedom to be an artist and look deep within my soul and express that without judgement. Yes, there were critiques. The critiques were more about assessing how well I expressed in images what I had set out to express and the skill I had used to express that. It taught me that no matter how I chose to express myself to reach for the best I can be at every turn of the road. The best of me. That lesson took longer than art school to really sink in. It is a lesson that I continually learn. It is what inspires me to move forward, accept change, see beyond my own limits......I draw on those possibilities to this day. Had I not gone to art school, I may not have found the permission I needed. I may not be exploring intuitive expression or refining skills as a painter. Who can say what would have happened. What I do know, even though I am not an academic and I have let my skills as a writer slide, my life is so much richer for having surrounded myself with hundreds of creatives in one place at one time. The energy that creates fills my soul continually. And with each passing year I am more grateful for that energetic memory because, as a soul that moves with the ups and quite a few downs emotionally, it is my life line to a passion I share with so many others in this universe. and we all need to feel connected. 


As I remember destruction and birth on this day, I know there are probably downsides to having gone to art school. I choose to embrace and relish all the possibilities and gifts I received as I heal and move forward and develop ways to inspire and share. So thank you to the person who responded with passion " I am glad I didn't go to art school!" You have helped me remember the value I gained from that experience and to appreciate not everyone needs to go to art school to gain that value. 

Two of my original, framed watercolors are on sale until September 27th!



Teachers and Guardians $575 (original price $700)

Geese and Elephant $625 (original price $750)

shipping costs are extra.........

I have been playing with Shiloh Sophia McCloud's journaling/expressive art work/playbook, Her Evolution. This page resonates with me today(my colorful markings).......


the magic cloak, watercolor and craypas on 300# paper


it is not in the physical world i will find answers. it is opening the ears and eyes of my heart that the path provides opportunity for discovery.


i am inspired today by the words written and spoken by Shiloh, Dr. Malidoma Some and Heatherash Amara.



I'm painting Luna. She's Hector Winery's greeting committee.

it's a careful slow process from drawing to first layers.........



layer upon layer.........

getting there...............


final touches will come monday...............

One year ago, I started painting regularly again. I began by putting paint on paper and just-see-what-happens. This year, I am revisiting that expressive, intuitive painting process thanx to a friend, Donna Morgan, who inspired me with the loan of a book called Creative Revolution by Flora Bowley. 


Years ago, after finishing art school and recovering from major depression, I immersed myself in intuitive expression with paint on paper. As I created these images, I experienced a great release of passion. "Passion" is a word I use to hold all emotion and feeling I experience, because I usually feel "passionately". My feelings aren't "a little bit" or "moderate". They are Passionate and sometimes overwhelming for others to witness. Creating has always been a tool I use to channel my Passions. All those years ago, I also shared my process with others and realized intuitive painting provided a language of expression for others as well when words were just not adequate. 


For the past few years I have been honing my painting skills in a realistic manner, having been influenced by the years I spent traveling and then living in the Great American Wild West. I visioned deeper and deeper into miniscule details. I'm obsessive by nature, so this is an easy thing for me to do and I have excellent eye-hand coordination practiced all of my life. Over the years, becoming a skilled painter, I learned when to stop: this is important in watercolor or you wind up with mud. I've become good at representing the world outside me realistically in a controlled manner. 


Last Saturday, at Millport Landing, I spent some time going over an expressive piece I created a year ago and realized once again the door it opens to my heart's expression. So, I am giving myself a challenge: I will re-paint the 15 or so realistic paintings I have painted over the last year or so and re-interpret them expressively. I give myself permission to take the time it takes to complete the challenge and to allow the process to guide me and let go of any expectation of a particular result. 



My heart is calling to me to change and evolve expressively and expose all the inner voices I have held captive in the name of "belonging" and "managing". I am joining the Creative Revolution. Will you join with me and follow your creative heart's calling?


I enjoy the doorway opening of each season. I grasp the opportunity to reflect on my life so far and what i want to change. The symbology of the season gives me a starting place in my action. A seasonal portal gives me the opportunity to leave behind excess baggage to make room for new ideas. After a few moments of silent search, i create an intuitive collage to reflect my entry into this moment of slipping through an opening of opportunity. This is my intention for summer: