Morning Moon, Friday, Decmber 8, 2017

As we approach Winter Solstice, the sun path lowers in the sky, the moon path rises higher. Also this month, the moon path is close to the earth and seems larger, bolder, inviting me into it's rhythms. It will be dark - a new moon - near Solstice, appropriate to the seasonal celebration of the longest night, the shortest day. 

This time of year invites me to seek inner worlds, to journey within and reflect on what intentions I will choose to rise up from my heart as the sun path begins it's journey higher in the sky. As I follow the darker, quieter invitations lit by the moon and stirred by it's rhythms, my wishes are inspired by the path I have already walked. I ready myself with my new intentions, to follow the sun path. 

Back and forth, like the rhythm of the waves, reflecting and looking forward, I let go and I reach out. 


This year, I wish for forgiveness, grace and consciousness of abundance. 


What are your wishes? What do you desire to manifest as the sun path rises?


Joyous Solstice!

I’ve been conjuring possibilities visually and verbally. 

That’s the name I gave this process of painting from within, painting the heart’s language, Intuitive painting.

I name it “Conjuring”.

I conjure without “naming”.

Ha! A contradiction? Not a contradiction?


Paint to paper without giving it a “name” as I paint. This is a process of non-judgment. By not-naming what I paint, I open a door to my own void within. The endless mystery and resource of reflection, possibility, dream, love. 

Not naming is a step. A step into unknown. Without boundaries. No limits. No judgment. There I find freedom and allow “it” to be as “it” is. 

It is a baby step and a GIANT step. It is movement, not linearly. Expansive within. Movement with love, embracing all that is and can be and has been. It’s BIG as the world and small as a newborn child. I conjure courage.

When I do not name, I leave the head and dive into the heart, the body, the soul. All the juicy places that are who I am, really, authentically. Conjuring the language that is not language. Conjuring with color, paint. Accepting the image. The color for as it is, not as it could should would be. I see from the heart. I witness. 

Then I listen.

Listen deeply.

Listen with eyes open.

Listen with eyes closed.

Listen to the rhythm.




listen without judgment

listen with discernment


Discerning articulates all that I see in the void of my container, of what I hold and embrace. Articulates love. 


Blessings and gratitude.

See you on the next round of movement……….


What is intuitive painting? I have read many responses to that question. "Intuitive painting is spontaneous, no thought painting. Intuitive painting is non-representational. Intuitive painting means anyone can paint like a child... "


I don't think there is a wrong answer because there are so many ways to express all that comes from the heart.


For me, intuitive painting started as soul work, healing deep wounds and scars within my heart. It continues to be soul work for me as I uncover the many layers of not only my personal wounds, but the universal historic wounds all women carry. So, intuitive painting also feels like healing a greater wound, greater than myself.


Intuitive painting, for me, is a thread to follow as I unravel who I am on any given day, month, year, season.


It is a return to child-like play, through imagination and magic. I have discovered that imagination may start in childhood and as I grow and age, imagination is my source of vision, connection to all that is, to all that may be, to all possibility beyond any boundary the mind can create.


Intuitive painting is FREEDOM. Freedom to explore, to create, to love, to be light, to be play. 


Intuitive painting is a possibility for discovery. An invitation to see beyond the superficial layers of existence and declare a path of movement. 


So. What is intuitive painting to you? I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a response to this musing or find me on facebook,


see you in the world beyond.........

About 30 years ago, I shared my intuitive primal painting process with traumatized women who were seeking a safe expression of emotion as an alternative to words. I watched in awe as the women painted with color, without regard for representation, allowing a visual language to emerge to safely express and release polarizing emotions of trauma. The feedback filled my heart as I realized the process provided the women with a safe language. Using watercolors on paper intuitively opened a door for not just my own healing, but healing for others! When I was in art school, I named the process “conjuring” and later, in the early 2000's, “Painting from the Heart” when I shared the process with artists seeking ways to “get unstuck” in their creative process. Intuitive painting heals the soul, connects to a divine source and allows artists a nonjudgemental practice to release stuck places in the creative process and explore watercolor without intimidation. When there is no attachment to a finished “product”, freedom ensues!


Using art to heal trauma was a fairly young field back in the 1980's. In those early years, I had considered returning to school to acquire an MFA in Art Therapy. I choose not to, having tired of an academic life. I did not want to be a therapist. I am an artist. I have been creative all my life as far back as I can remember. What I know is making art heals. Color heals. Play heals. Creating from the heart softens and heals. Creating also connects to divine source, to mystery, to magic and belonging. 


This summer I have reconnected with intuitive creating in the form of a visual journal. It has become my morning meditation. I have a desk in front of a beautiful southeast window where I sit with gems and rocks, plants, markers and my sketchbook journal. I create sacred space with sage and prayer and then spend a couple hours reading and drawing and coloring. It has become the way I begin my day. 


My desire to record the physical world with detail and accuracy is waning. I am being inspired to explore the inner world of sacred magic and spontaneous painting and share a process that connects us to mystery. I will be developing workshops to engage other women. I invite you to join me.......... 








A good start!

All the color and most values filled in..........

Values and color complete with details!


Recently, someone said to me " I am so glad I didn't go to art school!" and that statement asked me to think about the value and the limits of my experience attending art school.


The statement was a reaction to a comment and defense I was making about why, almost 20 years prior, I had expressed criticism and suggestion on that artist's drawing. I am a sometimes abrasive and arrogant critic. And for that I ask forgiveness. 


So, art school!


It was a magical 3 years of my life. I felt so gifted to be able to make art full time surrounded by other creatives from all over the world. I was an older student. I attended art school full time at age 27. I had finally saved enough money to attend the first year in one of my dream schools. (I had been accepted to a highly accredited art school when I graduated high school and was unable to attend for lack of funds. My family was poor.) So this was a dream come true for me! A dream I held since I could remember! I had always wanted to be a professional artist even though my mother had discouraged me from pursuing a career she viewed would only bring me poverty and misery. She wanted a better material life for me.


Those three years at art school, I met amazing and inspiring contemporary successful artists who to this day continue to inspire me. I was exposed to so many possibilities it was sometimes overwhelming and distracting. I gained practical skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, writing and speaking. 


The most rewarding skill I gained from art school was freedom to be an artist and look deep within my soul and express that without judgement. Yes, there were critiques. The critiques were more about assessing how well I expressed in images what I had set out to express and the skill I had used to express that. It taught me that no matter how I chose to express myself to reach for the best I can be at every turn of the road. The best of me. That lesson took longer than art school to really sink in. It is a lesson that I continually learn. It is what inspires me to move forward, accept change, see beyond my own limits......I draw on those possibilities to this day. Had I not gone to art school, I may not have found the permission I needed. I may not be exploring intuitive expression or refining skills as a painter. Who can say what would have happened. What I do know, even though I am not an academic and I have let my skills as a writer slide, my life is so much richer for having surrounded myself with hundreds of creatives in one place at one time. The energy that creates fills my soul continually. And with each passing year I am more grateful for that energetic memory because, as a soul that moves with the ups and quite a few downs emotionally, it is my life line to a passion I share with so many others in this universe. and we all need to feel connected. 


As I remember destruction and birth on this day, I know there are probably downsides to having gone to art school. I choose to embrace and relish all the possibilities and gifts I received as I heal and move forward and develop ways to inspire and share. So thank you to the person who responded with passion " I am glad I didn't go to art school!" You have helped me remember the value I gained from that experience and to appreciate not everyone needs to go to art school to gain that value. 

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I have been playing with Shiloh Sophia McCloud's journaling/expressive art work/playbook, Her Evolution. This page resonates with me today(my colorful markings).......