Happy Summer Solstice and blessings for a firey creative summer! May your days be filled with creative acts and your nights be inspired by dreams. May doorways open with infinite possibilities for you and may you have confidence in the steps you take.  



my newest painting.........

I have been on a path of conscious discovery for the past year. I have been seeking out guides for doing business, marketing, honing art skills and language skills. Where do I fit in this world and how do I share what I do? I have found gifted guides and mentors both of the physical and imaginative worlds. My polarities are getting closer together as I unfold my heart-felt treasures and gain confidence in expressing them. I am finding that sharing who I am is not such a dangerous thing and I share the strength and integrity of all beings to forgive others as well as myself for fallings.


Yes, fallings. I have fallen down many times in recent months. I have given myself opportunity to shame myself, beat myself up and others as well. I have allowed my judgements to reign above my heart. I have forgotten the connected web in which we exist and thrive. My roars have been loud and scarey.


And in all the mess we, you, I live in and with, there is balance and fortitude in the natural world. Under the wing of an owl, I seek protection and guidance and within the roar of a lion I find heart. So I may return to the world of humans and judgements and of my own ego and ask and yearn for forgiveness for roaring so loud and scarey at lies, untruths, deceptions. And forgive those who perpetuate those untruths out of ignorance or timidity or fear, for I, too, react out of passion and call it heart mistakenly, because the fine line I, you, we walk sometimes in our yearning for truth and enlightenment, wanders and breaks. and I fall. 


That is where I have found imagination to be a refuge, a sanctuary. There I go to renew, to forgive, to heal and make amends, to learn. To connect.


I am so grateful.

I've been looking at doorways lately and I'm curious into what new world they invite me. One particular doorway captivated me this week.....


I flew under the wing of an owl. I was carried far and deep. I didn't want to return because it felt so real, so safe, so kind, so honest. The return was harsh, where flaws and mistakes are unforgiven and judged forever. Where perfection is ill-defined. Until I walk in the forest and remember being embraced in the wings of an owl. There grief is present without guilt and my rawness and fire can purge and renew. There among the great bows of the hemlock and the maple, I am protected. My soul embraced. There is no coddling, just honesty and realness. No judgement, no criticism, always possibility and renewal, and the opening to humility, not shame. I can trust myself in the forest.

I look above the tree tops to the night sky and ask the stars for guidance and forgiveness along a path of words shared and miscontrued.........

I've been feeling alot lately about alot of things. My passions are on the rise. I am rising upward, following an owl,

watching as she glides easily through the forest.

Suddenly! she turns and swoops! and she alights ever so lightly upon a branch in a great beech. I can almost hear her heart beat all sounds in the forest have subsided. she is sharing her wisdom to all whoooooo will listen. The depths the dark places the undersides of the leaves the moistness of the mosses below the efts emerging from under leaf mulch old old old. old old old. old old old. 

a lone big big big cat treads softly over mosses. she is entering new territories new places making new stories new new new. she is commanding and wise she has listened to owl to the trees to the leaves that are under her feet. she stalks she pounces she thrives 

it is time to gather time to reach deep and see what whoooooo has become under the leaf mulch

For the past 10 months, I have been learning how to do art business. i have spent time with Facebook, Linked-in, Alignable, Etsy. I have taken a general business class. I have done marketing research, money-minded exploring and spiritual inspiration interviews and podcasts. I have spent many hours and days on my computer and listening to and writing words.


And not in the studio!


My time in the studio has been a day or two here and there. I need extended time in the studio and I am taking it for the next 4 weeks or so. No left brain focusing. Total immersion in right brain activities. Time to visually explore and complete ideas and visions and commissions.


So Facebook friends, email buddies, linked-in and alignable professionals, please don't take it personal that I am not responding or liking or posting or eventing. I am an artist and I am catching up on what it is I am here to do -- create visually! and go inward to establish and strengthen firm intuitive, heartful decision-making abilities.


so, like an owl flying softly through the trees into the depths of the woods, off I go and I'll catch up with you on the return flight.


(also, come play with me and friends at Hector Wine Company, Friday, April 7, 5-9pm)


Happy tails!



Hopeful, passionate, joyous feelings rush through me this morning sitting here at my desk having just re-read an article about Liberators International and watched videos of what they do world-wide to show us how beautiful and connected we are. Libby Griffith writes and quotes Peter Sharp, founder of Liberators International,


"........we still live in a world filled with mystery and undiscovered territory. That we are all pioneers in a new world of possibilities and unexplored potential, and we the people now have more power and freedom than we’ve ever had, or at least, now the potential to create it. As Peter Sharp recently said in his birthday post “we all have huge untapped reservoirs of human potential to shift and change the story of the world around us, Humanity is crying out for everyday citizens to stand up in name of creating more authentic and sustainable pathways for ourselves, our communities and our planet. Now is the most vitally important and well supported time to stand up and create proof of what we believe will assist the healing of the planet. I am humbled and deeply inspired by your love, participation and support. Let’s keep enjoying the moment whilst thriving for a better world!”


Tears streamed down my cheeks this morning. And I touched that beauty and courage inside myself that fills me with a leaping-out-of-my-heart-joy feeling of connection on such a huge scale. Because like Peter Sharp, I experienced the goodness and beauty of people from my road travels and realized that fear is manufactured by media not the beauty that is authentically within our hearts.


As an artist, I paint beauty. Not just superficial beauty, although that is what invites the viewer. I look to my heart to express the beauty that comes from within that is the wildness of nature in any possible story. Stories are painted, written, sung and beauty grows strong.


This mid winter, as the days grow longer in light and our idea-seeds stir in incubation and our energy begins to increase in the sun's warmth and the moon's pull, I join with you and invite you to join with me continuing to keep alive the intention and action to create beauty to stand to grow to trust to love together connected in heart to "shift and change the story around us".




you can read the entire article and watch the short videos via this link:


Happy winter! over the past months, i've been gathering information about business, marketing and money. at last it is winter and i can absorb deeper, fuller. i have notes to read and write about and integrate. i'm selecting my priorities and strategies as i mark my route through this season. i am allowing the magic of my imagination to come to play with lists and numbers and words. and i am gathering my human community as well.


ritual is a magical connection to beginnings and endings and crossings and doorways. this week i gathered with friends in a ritual of wishing and dreaming and placing intention. we settled into knowing the dark unknown mystery of the longest nights of the year are with us; the shortest days that mark the transition to a colder season where we find the warmth of lightness within. we reached into our hearts and embraced those dreams and values we hold closest to us. we dreamed miracles and hopes and blessings for ourselves, our families and all beings in our universe. we placed intentions for what we hope to create with lighting a flame....and then we sang!! we lifted our hearts to the stars with joy and celebration in unison. the passion of singing as a group vibrates through me and outward. i feel connection, fullness and ease in the presence of voices lifted in melody. laughter and smiles and humility come when voices celebrate together. this is what love looks like to me. all my friends making this delightful noise amidst the twinkling lights and flames flickering! what magic we create!!! the magic of birthing and reaching and settling into the arms of winter and knowing that darkness is an adventure......i am revitalized by gathering, ready to snuggle into the months ahead and let my ideas, dreams and wishes incubate and grow strong within, remembering my connections to other hearts of love.