it's been a chaotic june so far. lack of focus, feeling unsettled -- must be changes are happening. when chaos occurs, fear usually sets in and forward momentum stops. i forget my own advice to go with the flow. that becomes difficult when i have projects on the table to complete and my flow isn't where i want it to be. so it's time to just put color on paper and see what happens. it's time to let the colors emerge and have their own life. this process allows the changes to occur, maybe behind the scenes and that's ok. growing doesn't always require a controlled direction. this month is relearning "relax".

follow the flow of the river. fighting it only makes it harder to get wherever we're going.

I will have a table at Cayuga Dressage Show next weekend, June 11/12 at chemung county fairgrounds, 170 fairview rd, horseheads, ny.

i will be taking orders for pet portraits!


"Teachers and Guardians" won special recognition in an online animal art competition. Feels good to be recognized!

animals live in the moment. they are free of drama, judgement. each has it's own story to tell through their behavior, habits and where they live, among a few tells. they live according to nature's law. we all live according to nature's law, except as human's we think we can control nature's law. we can't. animals teach us this. letting go and living from our heart is authentic, natural and, as the Hopi teach, allows the flow of the river to take us where we go. we can't control the flow. the river will go where it goes and we can fight it, go against it or we can trust and let it take us. when i live open to possibilities, surprises happen. nature teaches me that. the animals teach me to follow my instincts that emminate from my heart. my heart is trustworthy. and , i have found playing with dogs and horses, so are animals because they don't have an agenda to judge, only to show truth. i've been allowing the animals' stories to come into my paintings and i am expanding in possibilities through nature's law. so much fun!!!!

I'm painting a new work. here's a drawing. i wanted movement and chose the center of movement spiraling out from behind the bird and mountain. in the process of completing the movement and deciding on the grass direction, i realized i intuitively created a fibonacci spiral within the painting! (seond drawing)

this new series of work i am creating is about what animals, and nature's law, have to teach us. it all comes back to how we are connected to everything.

i recently read a blog that brought up the question of whether an artist needs to learn to draw to be an artist. i don't know if there is a "need" or a "should". what i do know is my own experience.

drawing connects to my right brain activity which is a non-verbal place of creating. i look at something and i follow the outline, shape, form. my eye is the worker bee here, and my hand. i develop eye/hand coordination which will help me when i put brush or pencil to paper to develop a finished work. i explore without analyzing, without words, which i think helps my imagination. allowing my right brain to work gives me the freedom from shoulds and rules and supposed-to's. it is very clear -- my eye sees, my hand follows what my eye sees and, because of lack of verbal analyzing, clarity comes with freedom. my eye and hand learn to follow line and bulk and my brain remembers, so when i draw from imagination, not from life, i have developed a language to work from. i can put my ideas down on paper using a wealth of language i have developed.

i think this is the main reason for me to draw. i expand and fine tune language for creating. drawing gets my creative juices going. it puts me in a right brain place where rules don't have to exist. there is no judgement either. i just draw or paint without the filters of analysis or words. that's for later when i look at my work and decide what i can change, improve or discard. drawing reminds me that creating isn't about the end product. it's about the process or the journey of discovery.

I am playing with QoR watercolors from Golden for the first time. I like the brightness of these colors. so far, as in this play painting, I've used green gold, orange pyrrole transparent and quinacridone gold. Anyone have experience with these paints? ( also used Winsor newton cadmium lemon, cobalt violet and winsor violet)