I'm painting a new work. here's a drawing. i wanted movement and chose the center of movement spiraling out from behind the bird and mountain. in the process of completing the movement and deciding on the grass direction, i realized i intuitively created a fibonacci spiral within the painting! (seond drawing)

this new series of work i am creating is about what animals, and nature's law, have to teach us. it all comes back to how we are connected to everything.

i recently read a blog that brought up the question of whether an artist needs to learn to draw to be an artist. i don't know if there is a "need" or a "should". what i do know is my own experience.

drawing connects to my right brain activity which is a non-verbal place of creating. i look at something and i follow the outline, shape, form. my eye is the worker bee here, and my hand. i develop eye/hand coordination which will help me when i put brush or pencil to paper to develop a finished work. i explore without analyzing, without words, which i think helps my imagination. allowing my right brain to work gives me the freedom from shoulds and rules and supposed-to's. it is very clear -- my eye sees, my hand follows what my eye sees and, because of lack of verbal analyzing, clarity comes with freedom. my eye and hand learn to follow line and bulk and my brain remembers, so when i draw from imagination, not from life, i have developed a language to work from. i can put my ideas down on paper using a wealth of language i have developed.

i think this is the main reason for me to draw. i expand and fine tune language for creating. drawing gets my creative juices going. it puts me in a right brain place where rules don't have to exist. there is no judgement either. i just draw or paint without the filters of analysis or words. that's for later when i look at my work and decide what i can change, improve or discard. drawing reminds me that creating isn't about the end product. it's about the process or the journey of discovery.

I am playing with QoR watercolors from Golden for the first time. I like the brightness of these colors. so far, as in this play painting, I've used green gold, orange pyrrole transparent and quinacridone gold. Anyone have experience with these paints? ( also used Winsor newton cadmium lemon, cobalt violet and winsor violet)


I've been playing with collage lately.  a group of friends/artists got together Equinox and created collages. I decided to do a painting of my collage for further investigation. when i create collage, i choose images intuitively. usually i place an intention prior to choosing. my intention was for an image of my life for this season. i wasn't very specific. so for further intimate contact with the collage images, i decided to make apainting of the collage. i learned about myself as well as brushing up on my painting skills.

While walking yesterday in the cold and snow, I was appreciating what a spectacular gallery of images the landscape presented to me. Nature is the most talented artist: ice crystal patterns on frozen puddles, frozen droplets on branches in the fast rushing creek, swirling snow patterns frozen by the sub-zero wind. The smallest of details became a joyous moment! Without my camera with me to capture those images, I spent more time with each fascination and captured the image and feeling in my heart.

I draw to explore structure, light, form................


Sketching is a way to expore what I see intimately, hone my skills and ultimately, tell a story.
I invite you to share your sketches.