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Happy winter! over the past months, i've been gathering information about business, marketing and money. at last it is winter and i can absorb deeper, fuller. i have notes to read and write about and integrate. i'm selecting my priorities and strategies as i mark my route through this season. i am allowing the magic of my imagination to come to play with lists and numbers and words. and i am gathering my human community as well.


ritual is a magical connection to beginnings and endings and crossings and doorways. this week i gathered with friends in a ritual of wishing and dreaming and placing intention. we settled into knowing the dark unknown mystery of the longest nights of the year are with us; the shortest days that mark the transition to a colder season where we find the warmth of lightness within. we reached into our hearts and embraced those dreams and values we hold closest to us. we dreamed miracles and hopes and blessings for ourselves, our families and all beings in our universe. we placed intentions for what we hope to create with lighting a flame....and then we sang!! we lifted our hearts to the stars with joy and celebration in unison. the passion of singing as a group vibrates through me and outward. i feel connection, fullness and ease in the presence of voices lifted in melody. laughter and smiles and humility come when voices celebrate together. this is what love looks like to me. all my friends making this delightful noise amidst the twinkling lights and flames flickering! what magic we create!!! the magic of birthing and reaching and settling into the arms of winter and knowing that darkness is an adventure......i am revitalized by gathering, ready to snuggle into the months ahead and let my ideas, dreams and wishes incubate and grow strong within, remembering my connections to other hearts of love.