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Hopeful, passionate, joyous feelings rush through me this morning sitting here at my desk having just re-read an article about Liberators International and watched videos of what they do world-wide to show us how beautiful and connected we are. Libby Griffith writes and quotes Peter Sharp, founder of Liberators International,


"........we still live in a world filled with mystery and undiscovered territory. That we are all pioneers in a new world of possibilities and unexplored potential, and we the people now have more power and freedom than we’ve ever had, or at least, now the potential to create it. As Peter Sharp recently said in his birthday post “we all have huge untapped reservoirs of human potential to shift and change the story of the world around us, Humanity is crying out for everyday citizens to stand up in name of creating more authentic and sustainable pathways for ourselves, our communities and our planet. Now is the most vitally important and well supported time to stand up and create proof of what we believe will assist the healing of the planet. I am humbled and deeply inspired by your love, participation and support. Let’s keep enjoying the moment whilst thriving for a better world!”


Tears streamed down my cheeks this morning. And I touched that beauty and courage inside myself that fills me with a leaping-out-of-my-heart-joy feeling of connection on such a huge scale. Because like Peter Sharp, I experienced the goodness and beauty of people from my road travels and realized that fear is manufactured by media not the beauty that is authentically within our hearts.


As an artist, I paint beauty. Not just superficial beauty, although that is what invites the viewer. I look to my heart to express the beauty that comes from within that is the wildness of nature in any possible story. Stories are painted, written, sung and beauty grows strong.


This mid winter, as the days grow longer in light and our idea-seeds stir in incubation and our energy begins to increase in the sun's warmth and the moon's pull, I join with you and invite you to join with me continuing to keep alive the intention and action to create beauty to stand to grow to trust to love together connected in heart to "shift and change the story around us".




you can read the entire article and watch the short videos via this link: