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For the past 10 months, I have been learning how to do art business. i have spent time with Facebook, Linked-in, Alignable, Etsy. I have taken a general business class. I have done marketing research, money-minded exploring and spiritual inspiration interviews and podcasts. I have spent many hours and days on my computer and listening to and writing words.


And not in the studio!


My time in the studio has been a day or two here and there. I need extended time in the studio and I am taking it for the next 4 weeks or so. No left brain focusing. Total immersion in right brain activities. Time to visually explore and complete ideas and visions and commissions.


So Facebook friends, email buddies, linked-in and alignable professionals, please don't take it personal that I am not responding or liking or posting or eventing. I am an artist and I am catching up on what it is I am here to do -- create visually! and go inward to establish and strengthen firm intuitive, heartful decision-making abilities.


so, like an owl flying softly through the trees into the depths of the woods, off I go and I'll catch up with you on the return flight.


(also, come play with me and friends at Hector Wine Company, Friday, April 7, 5-9pm)


Happy tails!