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I've been feeling alot lately about alot of things. My passions are on the rise. I am rising upward, following an owl,

watching as she glides easily through the forest.

Suddenly! she turns and swoops! and she alights ever so lightly upon a branch in a great beech. I can almost hear her heart beat all sounds in the forest have subsided. she is sharing her wisdom to all whoooooo will listen. The depths the dark places the undersides of the leaves the moistness of the mosses below the efts emerging from under leaf mulch old old old. old old old. old old old. 

a lone big big big cat treads softly over mosses. she is entering new territories new places making new stories new new new. she is commanding and wise she has listened to owl to the trees to the leaves that are under her feet. she stalks she pounces she thrives 

it is time to gather time to reach deep and see what whoooooo has become under the leaf mulch