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I have been on a path of conscious discovery for the past year. I have been seeking out guides for doing business, marketing, honing art skills and language skills. Where do I fit in this world and how do I share what I do? I have found gifted guides and mentors both of the physical and imaginative worlds. My polarities are getting closer together as I unfold my heart-felt treasures and gain confidence in expressing them. I am finding that sharing who I am is not such a dangerous thing and I share the strength and integrity of all beings to forgive others as well as myself for fallings.


Yes, fallings. I have fallen down many times in recent months. I have given myself opportunity to shame myself, beat myself up and others as well. I have allowed my judgements to reign above my heart. I have forgotten the connected web in which we exist and thrive. My roars have been loud and scarey.


And in all the mess we, you, I live in and with, there is balance and fortitude in the natural world. Under the wing of an owl, I seek protection and guidance and within the roar of a lion I find heart. So I may return to the world of humans and judgements and of my own ego and ask and yearn for forgiveness for roaring so loud and scarey at lies, untruths, deceptions. And forgive those who perpetuate those untruths out of ignorance or timidity or fear, for I, too, react out of passion and call it heart mistakenly, because the fine line I, you, we walk sometimes in our yearning for truth and enlightenment, wanders and breaks. and I fall. 


That is where I have found imagination to be a refuge, a sanctuary. There I go to renew, to forgive, to heal and make amends, to learn. To connect.


I am so grateful.