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One year ago, I started painting regularly again. I began by putting paint on paper and just-see-what-happens. This year, I am revisiting that expressive, intuitive painting process thanx to a friend, Donna Morgan, who inspired me with the loan of a book called Creative Revolution by Flora Bowley. 


Years ago, after finishing art school and recovering from major depression, I immersed myself in intuitive expression with paint on paper. As I created these images, I experienced a great release of passion. "Passion" is a word I use to hold all emotion and feeling I experience, because I usually feel "passionately". My feelings aren't "a little bit" or "moderate". They are Passionate and sometimes overwhelming for others to witness. Creating has always been a tool I use to channel my Passions. All those years ago, I also shared my process with others and realized intuitive painting provided a language of expression for others as well when words were just not adequate. 


For the past few years I have been honing my painting skills in a realistic manner, having been influenced by the years I spent traveling and then living in the Great American Wild West. I visioned deeper and deeper into miniscule details. I'm obsessive by nature, so this is an easy thing for me to do and I have excellent eye-hand coordination practiced all of my life. Over the years, becoming a skilled painter, I learned when to stop: this is important in watercolor or you wind up with mud. I've become good at representing the world outside me realistically in a controlled manner. 


Last Saturday, at Millport Landing, I spent some time going over an expressive piece I created a year ago and realized once again the door it opens to my heart's expression. So, I am giving myself a challenge: I will re-paint the 15 or so realistic paintings I have painted over the last year or so and re-interpret them expressively. I give myself permission to take the time it takes to complete the challenge and to allow the process to guide me and let go of any expectation of a particular result. 



My heart is calling to me to change and evolve expressively and expose all the inner voices I have held captive in the name of "belonging" and "managing". I am joining the Creative Revolution. Will you join with me and follow your creative heart's calling?