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About 30 years ago, I shared my intuitive primal painting process with traumatized women who were seeking a safe expression of emotion as an alternative to words. I watched in awe as the women painted with color, without regard for representation, allowing a visual language to emerge to safely express and release polarizing emotions of trauma. The feedback filled my heart as I realized the process provided the women with a safe language. Using watercolors on paper intuitively opened a door for not just my own healing, but healing for others! When I was in art school, I named the process “conjuring” and later, in the early 2000's, “Painting from the Heart” when I shared the process with artists seeking ways to “get unstuck” in their creative process. Intuitive painting heals the soul, connects to a divine source and allows artists a nonjudgemental practice to release stuck places in the creative process and explore watercolor without intimidation. When there is no attachment to a finished “product”, freedom ensues!


Using art to heal trauma was a fairly young field back in the 1980's. In those early years, I had considered returning to school to acquire an MFA in Art Therapy. I choose not to, having tired of an academic life. I did not want to be a therapist. I am an artist. I have been creative all my life as far back as I can remember. What I know is making art heals. Color heals. Play heals. Creating from the heart softens and heals. Creating also connects to divine source, to mystery, to magic and belonging. 


This summer I have reconnected with intuitive creating in the form of a visual journal. It has become my morning meditation. I have a desk in front of a beautiful southeast window where I sit with gems and rocks, plants, markers and my sketchbook journal. I create sacred space with sage and prayer and then spend a couple hours reading and drawing and coloring. It has become the way I begin my day. 


My desire to record the physical world with detail and accuracy is waning. I am being inspired to explore the inner world of sacred magic and spontaneous painting and share a process that connects us to mystery. I will be developing workshops to engage other women. I invite you to join me..........