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What is intuitive painting? I have read many responses to that question. "Intuitive painting is spontaneous, no thought painting. Intuitive painting is non-representational. Intuitive painting means anyone can paint like a child... "


I don't think there is a wrong answer because there are so many ways to express all that comes from the heart.


For me, intuitive painting started as soul work, healing deep wounds and scars within my heart. It continues to be soul work for me as I uncover the many layers of not only my personal wounds, but the universal historic wounds all women carry. So, intuitive painting also feels like healing a greater wound, greater than myself.


Intuitive painting, for me, is a thread to follow as I unravel who I am on any given day, month, year, season.


It is a return to child-like play, through imagination and magic. I have discovered that imagination may start in childhood and as I grow and age, imagination is my source of vision, connection to all that is, to all that may be, to all possibility beyond any boundary the mind can create.


Intuitive painting is FREEDOM. Freedom to explore, to create, to love, to be light, to be play. 


Intuitive painting is a possibility for discovery. An invitation to see beyond the superficial layers of existence and declare a path of movement. 


So. What is intuitive painting to you? I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a response to this musing or find me on facebook,


see you in the world beyond.........