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I’ve been conjuring possibilities visually and verbally. 

That’s the name I gave this process of painting from within, painting the heart’s language, Intuitive painting.

I name it “Conjuring”.

I conjure without “naming”.

Ha! A contradiction? Not a contradiction?


Paint to paper without giving it a “name” as I paint. This is a process of non-judgment. By not-naming what I paint, I open a door to my own void within. The endless mystery and resource of reflection, possibility, dream, love. 

Not naming is a step. A step into unknown. Without boundaries. No limits. No judgment. There I find freedom and allow “it” to be as “it” is. 

It is a baby step and a GIANT step. It is movement, not linearly. Expansive within. Movement with love, embracing all that is and can be and has been. It’s BIG as the world and small as a newborn child. I conjure courage.

When I do not name, I leave the head and dive into the heart, the body, the soul. All the juicy places that are who I am, really, authentically. Conjuring the language that is not language. Conjuring with color, paint. Accepting the image. The color for as it is, not as it could should would be. I see from the heart. I witness. 

Then I listen.

Listen deeply.

Listen with eyes open.

Listen with eyes closed.

Listen to the rhythm.




listen without judgment

listen with discernment


Discerning articulates all that I see in the void of my container, of what I hold and embrace. Articulates love. 


Blessings and gratitude.

See you on the next round of movement……….