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Morning Moon, Friday, Decmber 8, 2017

As we approach Winter Solstice, the sun path lowers in the sky, the moon path rises higher. Also this month, the moon path is close to the earth and seems larger, bolder, inviting me into it's rhythms. It will be dark - a new moon - near Solstice, appropriate to the seasonal celebration of the longest night, the shortest day. 

This time of year invites me to seek inner worlds, to journey within and reflect on what intentions I will choose to rise up from my heart as the sun path begins it's journey higher in the sky. As I follow the darker, quieter invitations lit by the moon and stirred by it's rhythms, my wishes are inspired by the path I have already walked. I ready myself with my new intentions, to follow the sun path. 

Back and forth, like the rhythm of the waves, reflecting and looking forward, I let go and I reach out. 


This year, I wish for forgiveness, grace and consciousness of abundance. 


What are your wishes? What do you desire to manifest as the sun path rises?


Joyous Solstice!