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"Zorra" watercolor©2000


Winter Solstice is my favorite holiday. It represents a time of inner watching for me. A time of low activity and conjuring dreams within my heart, my mind, my soul. A time I spend walking in the muck of my darkest places and seeking guides to shed light on the places I need guidance. A time of self reflection, reassessment, realignment. I look forward to the lengthening days, when I can spend more time in the woods before dusk. I also look forward to the lengthening days as they uplift my heart full of possible dreams to manifest for the coming year.


This year I am assessing how will I act, respond, be present, take responsibility to the growing fire around me, within me. I watch and wait right now. Watch deeply for the truth within me and wait while I conjure ideas for action looking to the wisdom of those who have walked before me. I feel dramatic change afoot. I feel a stirring for different action. I call in my guardians, my friends, my guides and teachers to help me stay true to heart and assist my mind to walk a compassionate path.


As light slowly expands, my prayer is for united strength and action from heart. I call on Kali, Durga, Romi Kumu and Zorra to fan my heart flames to action and blaze a trail through darkness for my heart to navigate. To not be distracted and stopped by destruction and to have faith in the slow, steady burn of change.


May whatever you celebrate this season bring you joyously closer to your own transforming fire.