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Oh Women!

My Loves My Lives!

In the full void of our wombs

We look within to speak out.

No more another's voice for us

But to be our own voice

to speak as I Am.

No more the squeaky voice

of opression, betrayal, shame.


With ease the Voice of fierceness

and power

Waking the unsaid,

Exercising a sound not yet heard

Deep out from the emptiness

that is not empty.

Bring out not sudden

But let us unfold together 

as a garden in spring

according to the Law that is All.

It is no mistake that opening

begins in Winter

as carpets soften the ground

and protect the warmth

that brews.

As our hearts our souls

Our Voice


Gathering the seeds


With discernment.

Fiercely alive.


Blessed be All.