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For close to 40 years now, I have searched in books for threads that will lead me into the mystery and power of the Divine Feminine. I found precious nuggets here and there. Many women scholars have written down the stories and myths of ancient times and interpreted them through many different eyes, defining archetypes for us to be guided, and our inner lives to be deepened. 


Initiation archetypes, stories and myths have held my interest and imagination recently. In Women Who Run With the Wolves, Clarrissa Pinkola Estes tells the story of the Handless Maiden and suggests the lost pieces of Truth in the initiation process for women. “What was once a longing to find the underworld Beloved became, somewhere in time, a lust and seizure in later myths.” She goes on to tell of ordinary invitations into initiation for women from a long ago forgotten time. A woman stepped into a solo journey safely contained by all women who had walked before her. 


I am, we women are being initiated into a life we have only known instinctively and intuitively. We are seeking and creating new guides to lead us through the door and down the pathway. We are reviving the ancient archetypes of feminine initiation from the depths of our bellies, our souls, and are telling the stories taught by ancient women wisdom that we find there. That knowledge is awakening in all of us as we listen to the whispers that become clear beckonings and follow the threads into the belly, the soul.


We do not need to be abducted in lust against our will into the Divine depths of our being like Persephone. We are not having nervous breakdowns of hysteria and depression. We choose to enter willingly, with courage and curiosity. We do not need the guidance of a father. We are women and we hold the strength accumulated from all our mothers before us. We are a strong circle connected in cooperation with other women. We each have our unique gift to share and we hold each other as each of us dives, then surfaces to shine our true brilliance as individuals. 


A prayer: May all our lights shine brightly as we gather to share the gifts we emerge with from our deep dive, freely, safely, within the container of the Beloved, the Divine Feminine, All That Is and Will Be and Has Been.


Blessed be.