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The moment I put watercolor to paper, I knew she was my magic wand. I have stayed loyal to her when wordly authorities dismissed her as temporary, transitory. I love her ability to shift and change without notice. There's nothing completely covered up with her -- she shows all her colors. She is adaptable, flowing, unpredictable, surprising. Of course, the world of rational, permanent, unchangable does not find comfort in her. 


She is wild. She cannot be controlled.


I work with her. I follow and she follows. She leads and I lead. It is a dance of transmutation. She is the perfect muse for conjuring. She always tells the truth, even when I don't want to look. She reminds me to breathe. She allows me freedom to adventure. She takes me deep and she remains filled with light.


We are in partnership, my muse, watercolor, and I. 

We are journeying.

There is no time and there is all time.

There is Conjuring.


I breathe.


I follow my breath into my heart. I feel expansion. I feel contraction. 


I follow my breath into my belly. I breathe into the crevices and edges creating containment. Within the container of my belly wisdom, mystery, sensation gurgle up in images, in colors. In partnership with my muse, we conjure, we re-member knowing.


We express.

We connect.

We discern.

We trust.

We share.


With conscious intention, in partnership with all women who have walked before me, all women who will walk after me and all women who are now walking, these are the images revealed to me on my path of initiation into the cave of the Wild Wise Woman.


Will you journey with us and conjure your knowing?


See my Conjured Journey at my opening reception at Hector Handmade, 5344 State Route 414, Hector, NY, September 9, 2018, noon to 5pm