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I received a "D" for my independent study Senior Degree Project my last semester at art school. My title was "Toward a Personal Mythology". I had veered off the path of my major, Illustration, and initiated an intuitive and  personal exploration into feminine mythology. There was no rational reason I did this. It "felt" important for me to do. (Up to that point, I maintained a 3.5 point average in my studies. That "D" plummeted my final degree points.) 


I used "process" and "conjuring" in my painting practice allowing color to guide me. I sought out books of mythology written by women. I had to go to book stores, because libraries had only traditional mythology books written by men from a patriarchal point of view. I was hungry for women's words.


This was the mid-1980's. Jean Shinoda Bolen's Goddesses in Every Woman had hit the shelves in bookstores. I also found Esther Harding and Christine Downing writing from a Jungian perspective about the feminine. It seemed "the feminine" was a psychological phenomenon. I devoured all I could find including Starhawk, Merlin Stone, Barbara Walker. I painted from within, conjuring, exploring what my heart, my belly had to show me. After I graduated, I shared my conjuring process with other women seeking a new language.


As I look backward, forward and present, I see a huge web of women bringing the irrational, intuitive world into sustenance, creating a visual visceral language.


We continue to cycle in spirals and weave our work as we experience our natural world polluted, over cultivated and clear cut. We gain momentum as we make conscious our deep belly wisdom that is of nature. We know we are not seperate. Even as the wilderness outside of us is slowly dominated, we cultivate a wilderness within, allowing surrender, stillness, contemplation, opening the eyes of hearts.


I will continue to conjure, with nature, with other artists, with other women, images that will leave breadcrumbs to guide us back home. We will listen to the sensations the wind tickles over our skin. Take in the flaming beauty of trees transitioning into dormancy. Pay attention to the pull our moon has on our blood. With this intelligence we can then engage our minds to make balanced, sustaining decisions in our physical world.


Happy Spring! Welcome to our New World!


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