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As the days grow shorter and colder, I am slowing down and reflecting on the gifts of my life, spending more time in solitude.


The trees are changing color. They seem to sigh as they slowly get sleepy and move toward dormancy. The forests are filled with chipmunks and squirrels chattering away as they forage and collect for the coming colder months. The ground grows soft again from autumn rains. 


I, too, look to warmer housing for the winter. I have lived outside most of the summer and now early fall. As the nights grow longer and the mornings chillier, I find myself seeking warmer indoor shelter. I am not ready to spend more than 12 hours cocooned in my teardrop!


I have harvested new perspective from traveling and work experiences. I am learning from mistakes and joys. I remember to stay with the forest in my thoughts as the world around me pulls me into despair or threat. I practice connecting to my heart so I remember the difference between reality and illusion. I am not always successful at these practices at the moments when I am triggered. The more consciousness I bring to my thoughts and actions, even in hindsight, the more connected I am to the present moment and the the more I am able to find some balance. 


I find painting is the most peaceful and heartfull activity for times of questioning or anxiety or despair. The act of creating is staying in the present moment. It heals. 


Happy Fall! Receive your harvest and share your joy!


Blessings, Lisa