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Hello Companions to Animals!


When I am painting, I am in a clear state of living in present moment, much the way animals live. When I am painting your animal companion’s portrait I feel that state of being amplified. When I begin to judge good or bad about an image I am painting, I know I am working too hard, focusing on outcome or any other distraction from experiencing the present moment and I


As long as I stay present with what I am seeing and painting, an image will hold within it an entity that is created by my relationship during the drawing and painting of a portrait. That entity is a combination of the love I am feeling and the spirit of the animal I am painting. Getting stuck, frustrated or ego-inflated become guideposts to let me step back and refocus into present moment.

Then the flow happens.

I love this relationship I have with my creative self! It is inspired by the animals I paint. When I read their body language or look into their eyes, I light up inside! My world is joy in the studio.

I am not as skillful in the outer world with people. I do the best I can. Often shyness, insecurities and sometimes fear block the joy of present moment experience. Having an animal companion, I find, is the best medicine to establishing that joyful existence.

Second best is surrounding myself with their images.

For more about receiving your animal’s portrait, go to Portraits in the menu.

Come visit me Sunday, April 18 at Rasta Ranch Vineyards, Hector, NY (our first Sip and Shop of the year!) and have a conversation with me about painting your pet’s portrait.

Love and Peace, Lisa

PS. Stay tuned! Next week I'll be sending out the continuing seasonal story of Horse!