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animals live in the moment. they are free of drama, judgement. each has it's own story to tell through their behavior, habits and where they live, among a few tells. they live according to nature's law. we all live according to nature's law, except as human's we think we can control nature's law. we can't. animals teach us this. letting go and living from our heart is authentic, natural and, as the Hopi teach, allows the flow of the river to take us where we go. we can't control the flow. the river will go where it goes and we can fight it, go against it or we can trust and let it take us. when i live open to possibilities, surprises happen. nature teaches me that. the animals teach me to follow my instincts that emminate from my heart. my heart is trustworthy. and , i have found playing with dogs and horses, so are animals because they don't have an agenda to judge, only to show truth. i've been allowing the animals' stories to come into my paintings and i am expanding in possibilities through nature's law. so much fun!!!!