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welcome autumn! i view the day of seasonal change as a portal, a doorway and an opportunity to place intention creatively, intuitively and from the heart. so, a few of us artists gathered at my home for the 3rd time this year to welcome seasonal change with a creative act. we spread out -- the deck, the garage, the kitchen table -- and persued our creative endeavors! Collage, oil pastel painting and preparing a wooden bench for finishing were the activities of this Equinox celebration!

I am always filled up by gathering to create heartspace for imagination. the experience gives me energy, inspiration and momentum to continue on my creative path. when creative folks gather, there is more than the sum total of creative beingness happening. there seems to be an emminating brightness that explodes outward bigger than the group of individuals creating. i believe that collective creative act spreads love in the universe. what better way to start a new season!