Commission a Pet Portrait

A dog is love and loyalty wrapped up in fur;



A horse is power and freedom, partnership and honesty;




A cat is stealth and independence....



The portrait I create especially for you is a heart-felt reminder of the love you share with your four-legged partner. 


  • First, send me an email stating your intention to commission me for a portrait. Please include your full name, pet's name, and species and breed, your best phone number and mailing address and best time to have a phone conversation with you.
  • I will paint from your photos. Send at least 3 photos, 300dpi, in good light, in focus, of your 4-legged friend, especially the face and head. Photos taken outside on a fairly sunny day work well. Be careful of shadows cast from objects or back lighting which will put your pet in complete shadow. When you take the photo with your back to the sun, good results can occur!
  • Send the photos digitally to my email. (You can also send prints snail mail. Contact me for mailing address.) Also, share your story of your companion. It contributes to my visualization of who they are!
  • Send me $100 deposit through paypal, credit card, check or cash.
  • In my studio I will compose an accurate image of your companion animal that reflects their whimsy and the connection you feel with them! The background color and texture will complement their color and personality.


Voila!....when completed, you may pick up or I will ship or hand deliver the watercolor portrait to you!





The facts.......

  •  Your cost for a custom watercolor portrait starts at $200.00. 
  • Size will vary between 6" x 8" to 8" x 10" depending on the animal and the best composition. 
  • A painting is usually completed six to eight weeks from receipt of photos and deposit.  
  • Custom watercolor portraits are painted on 300pound Arches 100% cotton rag paper with professional quality paint, delivered to you un-framed.  I prefer that you choose your own custom mat and frame. I am available for custom framing consultation. 


The extras.......



  • up to $150.00 for each additional animal,
  • up to $200 for a background scene
  • $200 for a full body portrait
  • $100 for me to come to your companion animal and take photos

Additional pricing depends on how much additional detail is added. When you contact me to do a portrait, we will discuss options. 


Shipping and handling costs start at $15, depending where it is shipped. I will ship Fed-ex, USPS or UPS, whichever is convenient and economical.


Thanx for considering me as your animal companion portrait artist!


Any questions? Please reach out to me on my contact page.


Happy tails!