What I say

Me and Buddy at Treman State Park, Ithaca, NY, 2016

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, 
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting - 
over and over announcing your place 
in the family of things.


from Wild Geese by Mary Oliver




I am on a journey of curiousity. Each painting is a step along the way, discovering new pathways of growth. I vision paths I have already treaded, paths I am now present with and, I imagine new paths yet to be trodden. Since my world, my passion, is rooted in natural law, fauna and flora are the symbols that rise from my imaginative heart and belly. 


I am hearing the call of the Wild and I am conjuring possibilities from ancestral knowledge that has lain dormant. I dive deep into the cave of my belly to listen and watch for glimmerings transmitted intuitively in images and colors. These are the bones of my creative life.




I share the creative process of Conjuring as an intentional growth tool in a three or four hour monthly continuing workshop. I teach process. There is no designed beginning, middle or end. You start where you are at the present moment. The journey is a conscious path of color and shape unearthing wisdom from heart and, from deep within the crevaces of the belly. You need only "listen" and follow your own guidance system, and learn to trust. I provide guidance and a door. You open the door and create your unique path.


  My wish is that my colorful journeys, or the journey you discover in my class, will invite you to open your heart to a world of possible healing adventures and, the image you choose to invite into your home or office will continue to inspire and delight you.




 I share my watercolor images a few ways: 

an original painting,

a custom portrait of your companion animal,

notecards or

archival prints.




Some biographical highlights..........


I grew up in Newark, NJ where I felt out of place as a city-child.


My formal training was completed at Rhode Island School of Design where I began an intimate visual exploration of my relationship to the natural world toward developing a personal mythology. One thing I learned at RISD was painting from my heart and soul enlivens me to paint more.


After studying with Helen Stanley at SF Community College for 2 years , I continue to explore the immediacy and unexpected delights of watercolor. 


I traveled by car all over the USA following my inner navigator, meeting and conversing with many wonderful people, sharing my artwork.


I have shown my work in California, Colorado, Wyoming, Kentucky, Tennessee and New York, and won awards.


Home is rural New York where I immerse myself in her healing landscape, always with a four-legged companion.



 Buddy & Izabel



 Wimpy & Rose



Some technical highlights..............


Almost all of my original paintings are painted on 300 pound Arches 100% cotton rag paper. I use professional quality watercolor paint. Archival giclee prints and notecards are available of my original paintings, as well as prints and notecards of your animal portrait.



I have provided links to websites of fellow travelers that have inspired me to create, grow and love and, to websites of stores where you can purchase my images.


Life is full! 


Happy tails!