What other people say


"Let me just add, that I really enjoyed that class at the Gathery, and all the elements you brought to it – from the opening meditation, and the beautiful and poignant poetry,  to your music selection and dance. But most of all I appreciated your guidance and those gentle and not-so-gentle nudges to break out of old patterns, play, explore, and loosen up without attachment to outcome. That is so essential to entering the creative space. You really rocked that class, Lisa!!! Loved it. Thank you!"

Anja Timm, Spencer, NY


"Lisa has a wonderful eye and visual sense of the interplay of color and form. I have 3 watercolors of horses by Lisa that I treasure greatly --- one is a portrait of my horse Kinscem when he was a foal. And Lisa has also done some interior painting for me. She is a great color and project consultant and will take your recommendations. But what you ought to do is --- let her walk around and take in your space and aesthetic and then ask her opinion! Unless you are very very good, her ideas about anything to do with painting from fine art to interior finishes are probably better than your's!"

Linda McCandless, Ithaca, NY


"Lisa is an excellent artist who has worked tirelessly to perfect her art. She is an excellent person who gives of herself to others and 100% to her art. Owning several of her paintings has made my home and office a celebration in fine art."

Cathleen Carlson,Torrance, CA


"Lisa is one of my favorite artists!! She captures horses souls when she paints..you feel like you know the horse personally.. Love her colors..."

Peggy (Hoagland) Elwood, Redding, CA



Jaime Cone writes for the Ithaca Times: